Dharma Nusantara continues to introduce Indonesian arts and cultural studies through their cultural education workshops for schools, teachers and other groups as it has done so since 1996 in cooperation with the Indonesian embassy/consulate, states, catholic and independent schools, and also Asia education foundation. The cultural education workshops aimed at helping the understanding of the Asian circular thinking to the Western Linear thinking of Australian. Except for schools we have also run such programs for LOTE Asian-Indonesian teachers conferences for Victoria and Indonesian Teachers conference at Charles Darwin University-NT.

Dharma Nusantara-Australia working closely with NT Asia Education Foundation, states, catholic and independent schools was involved in the 1st joint education project between the Indonesian Consulate-Darwin and NT dept of education (8 August-4 September 2006). With the success of this pilot project especially because of the requests by NT schools' students and teachers, steps are now being taken for the project to become an annual joint project of the Indonesian Consulate Darwin & NT dept of education. Dharma Nusantara-Australia has been asked to become the consultant for this joint education project.

The 1st joint educational project was a special initiative by:

  • Mr Buchari Bakar (Indonesian Consulate-Darwin) and
  • Mr Syd Stirling (NT Minister of education 2006)
The joint educational project coordinators are:
  • Mr Ernest Hadinoto (Indonesian Consulate-Darwin)
  • Ms Jennifer Ure (Asia education foundation)
  • Mas Ronnie Takdare (Dharma Nusantara)
We are also working on helping troubled youth and students through our special programs for schools and Pencak Silat training classes held every Wednesday 6-8 pm at the Indonesian consulate-Melbourne and 7-9 pm in Darwin.
  • For Victorian schools interested in cultural educational workshops please contact Mr Mas Ronnie on mobile phone no: +61412164276, Mr Aidyl Tengku on +61466064904 or Mr Donald McCulloch on +61459037039.
  • For Darwin/NT schools interested in cultural educational workshop please contact Mr Vaughn Alitt on mobile phone no: +61438641575.


Friday 25th January 2013 from 1900 till finish.
Venue: Jln Brigjend Katamso no 12
  Jombang, East Java

Our Australian based Wijaya Dharma Nusantara cultural group in cooperation with the 'Poros Langit Nuswantoro' Cultural and Writers group of East Java would like to invite you and your representatives to attend and participate in our Cultural Public Forum on the subject of ‘Deciphering Surya Majapahit teachings’ organised by Mr Panji Trisula from Poros Langit Nuswantoro group.


  1. Noraini Paddilah (Singaporean-Malay, Teacher and Trainer)
  2. Damian da Silva (Australian Project Coordinator and Multi Media advisor)
  3. Ida Bagus Purnama (Brahmin from Grya Sumertha-Kesiman, Bali-Indonesian)
  4. Niketan Mandalia (Singaporean-Indian, Hindu spiritual seeker)
  5. R.Wijaya-Takdare (Australian Cross Cultures Communication Consultant)

This cultural forum served as our combined effort to have a better and closer cooperation by Australian and Indonesian based cultural groups. The Surya Majapahit or the Sun of Majapahit (known as Surya Wilwatika in Javanese language) is the symbol of the ancient Javanese Majapahit kingdom which contains the universal teachings of man to men, man to nature, and man to heaven relationship.

  • Ms Noraini Padillah (Singaporean-Malay) and Mr Damian da Silva (Melbourne-Australia) will open our forum by sharing their understanding and experiences the changing in their daily life activities as the result of incorporating the teachings originated from Surya Majapahit.
  • Mr Ida Bagus Purnama as Pedanda (priest) from Grya Sumertha-Brahmin family in Bali will share his spiritual understanding of the Surya Majapahit teachings with regard to the journey of the soul. Which it would be the first time known that the Balinese Brahmin which is the care taker and inheritor of Majapahit teachings and traditions will publicly speak and share the cultural and spiritual aspect of the teaching in a public forum in Java.
  • Mr Niketan Mandalia (Singaporean-Indian) will share his understanding of the Indian-Hindu teachings and how it’s actually adapted by the ancient Javanese could help fill in the gap of his spiritual understanding and evolvement.
  • Mr R Wijaya-Takdare (Indonesian born-Australian) will share his understanding in the important of the Surya Majapahit teachings in our modern day life. His presentation would be based on the teachings of the elders and his own researched.

Panji Trisula Noraini Paddilah Damian da Silva Ida Bagus Purnama Niketan Mandalia R.Wijaya-Takdare