Our pencak silat is a family based pencak silat. The traditional martial art of the Indonesian and Malay people known as pencak silat comes from the word "Pencak" which means to coordinate physical movements and "Silat" to coordinate mind movements in harmony with the physical environment. Normally there are 3 types of pencak silat:

1. Ilmu bela diri/knowledge for self defence

This type of pencak silat can be learnt by anyone and is known to have "aliran" or groups just like most martial arts. It also has a sports aspect which allows competitions to be held yearly. The basic teaching of this pencak silat is known as "Jurus".

2. Seni bela diri/art of self defence.

This type of pencak silat is specifically practised by people in particular regions such as silat Bali, silat Jawa, silat Sunda, silat Padang, silat Melayu/Malay silat, etc. Although it is based on martial arts, the movements represent the characteristics of the people native to the region and therefore the main focus is on arts/dance and not sports. The basic teaching of this pencak silat is known as "Langkah".

3. Silat keluarga/Family based silat.

This type of pencak silat is normally only taught within the family and therefore represents family history and the family's unique characteristics. It is very different from the other pencak silat as the focus is on the esoteric aspect of silat, i.e. to achieve a meditative state. This is very uniquely developed by the family elders. Unlike other pencak silat, for silat keluarga the onus and responsibility fall on the teacher more than the students and it is also known as "Jodoh" or 'meant to be'. There are many strict rules applicable for this silat and the basic rule is to focus on spiritual evolution through traditional art and ritual techniques of movements, fasting and meditation aimed at controlling the 5 senses.

After seeking permission, Mas Wijaya Kusumah (Ron Takdare) adopted some Australian and Indonesians in Melbourne and Darwin as his brothers and sisters and changed the name of this pencak silat to become "Dharma Nusantara Silat". They teach this pencak silat solely for the purpose of sharing knowledge in the brotherhood and sisterhood while at the same time helping others, especially orphans and disadvantaged children, through sponsorship.

If you are interested in changing yourself and helping to change others, please contact:

  • Mr Mas Ronnie (ph: +61412164276), Mr Aidyl Tengku (ph: +61466064904) or Mr Donald McCulloch (ph: +61459037039) for Melbourne classes
  • Mr Vaughn Alitt (ph: +61438641575) for Darwin classes.